Loro Jonggrang
21.14 | Author: Yogi Yuwono

Once, in ancient times there was a large kingdom called Prambanan.
People living tenteran and peace. But, what happens then?
Prambanan Kingdom attacked and colonized by Pengging country.
Prambanan Kingdom peace be disturbed. The soldiers did not
able to deal with attacks Pengging troops. Finally, the kingdom
Prambanan controlled by Pengging, and led by Bandung Bondowoso.

Bandung Bondowoso a bossy cruelly. "Anyone who
not obey my orders, will be sentenced to severe penalties ", said Bandung
Bondowoso on people. Bandung Bondowoso is a powerful
and have a genie troops. Not long in power, Bandung
Bondowoso liked watching the movements of Loro Jonggrang, daughter of King
Prambanan beautiful. "Beautiful nian's daughter. I want him
be permaisuriku, "thought Bandung Bondowoso.

The next day, close to Loro Jonggrang Bondowoso. "You look beautiful, would you
be permaisuriku? ', Tanya Bandung Bondowoso to Loro Jonggrang.
Loro Jonggrang jolt, heard the question Bondowoso. "Men
This sassy once, not know me immediately wanted
became Empress ", said inwardly Jongrang East. "What should
I do? ". Loro Jonggrang into confusion. His mind

If he refuses, then the Bandung Bondowoso be angry
large and endanger his family and the people of Prambanan. To
yes was not possible, because it is not Jonggrang East
like the Bandung Bondowoso. "How, Loro Jonggrang?" Urged
Bondowoso. Finally Loro Jonggrang an idea. "I am willing
be your wife, but one condition, "he said. "What's that?
Want an abundant wealth? Or the magnificent Palace? ". "Not that,
my lord, said Loro Jonggrang. I asked for the temple, the amount
must be a thousand pieces. "A thousand men?" Shouted Bondowoso. "Yes, and the temple was
must be completed overnight. "Bandung Bondowoso at Loro
Jonggrang, her lips quivering with anger.

Since then Bandung Bondowoso thinking how to make 1000 temples. Finally he asked his advisors. "I believe my master bias makes the temple
with the help of Jin! ", said the adviser. "Yes, that's right you suggest,
prepare the equipment I need! "After the equipment in
prepared. Bandung Bondowoso stood in front of the altar stone. Both arms
wide spread. "Forces jin, Help me!" He cried with
boomed. Soon after, the sky became dark. Wind
grumble. A moment later, the troops had swarmed genie Bandung
Bondowoso. "What shall we do sir?", Asked the leader of the genie.
"Help me build a thousand temples," said Bandung Bondowoso.

The genie immediately move to and fro, carrying out their respective duties. Deep
short time the temple was made up almost a thousand
fruit. In the meantime, quietly observing from East Jonggrang
distance. He was worried, knowing Bondowoso genie aided by the troops.
"Well, how is this?", Said the heart Jonggrang East. He is looking reasonable.
The ladies gathered and sent the royal assigned to collect
straw. "Quick burn all the straw that!" Command Jonggrang East.
Some other ladies sent the mortar strike. Dung ...
dung ... dung! Radiating red tinge to the sky to the accompaniment
noise, so much like the dawn is breaking.

Jin forces thought dawn was breaking. "Well, the sun will rise!" Exclaimed
genie. "We have to go before we dihanguskan body of the sun,"
other genie continued. The genie is poured off leaving
place. Bandung Bondowoso was surprised to see the panic squad
genie. Morning, Bandung Bondowoso invited to East Jonggrang
the temple. "Temple which you requested is up!". Loro Jonggrang
quickly calculate the amount of that temple. It turned out there were only 999 pieces!.
"There's not one!" Said Loro Jonggrang. "That gentleman has failed
qualify my proposed ". Bandung Bondowoso surprised
knowing the deficiency.

He became very angry. "No way ...",
Bondowoso said as he stared hard at Loro Jonggrang. "Then
you're just a complete! "he said, pointing his finger at the
Jonggrang East. Magic! Loro Jonggrang immediately turned into a statue
stone. Until now these temples still exist and are located in
area of Prambanan, Central Java and East Temple Jonggrang called.
Angling Darma
21.09 | Author: Yogi Yuwono
Anglingdarma King is the name of a legendary figure in Javanese tradition, which is considered as incarnation of Vishnu Batara. One of the features of this figure is the ability to know the language of all types of animals. In addition, he also referred to as the descendants of Arjuna, a central figure in the story of the Mahabharata.


Anglingdarma is the seventh descendant of Arjuna, a central figure in the story of the Mahabharata. It is understandable because, according to Javanese tradition, the story of the Mahabharata is considered true in Java.

It is said that, berputra Abhimanyu Arjuna. Abhimanyu berputra Parikshit. Parikshit berputra Yudayana. Yudayana berputra Gendrayana. Jayabaya Gendrayana berputra. Jayabaya had a daughter named Pramesti, and from the womb of this Pramesti born a son named Anglingdarma.


Since Yudayana Parikshit's son ascended the throne, the royal name was changed from a Yawastina Hastinapura. Yudayana then left Yawastina to Gendrayana throne. On a day of punishing his brother Gendrayana named Sudarsana because of a misunderstanding. God Narada descended from heaven as a messenger of the gods to judge Gendrayana. As a punishment, banished to the forest Gendrayana Sudarsana while the new king made by Narada.

Gendrayana build a new kingdom named Mamenang. He was then succeeded by his son named Jayabaya. Meanwhile, Sudarsana succeeded by his son named Sariwahana.Sariwahana then bequeath the throne to his son Yawastina named Astradarma.

Between Mamenang involved Yawastina and civil war dragged on. Ascetic effort on white monkey named Hanuman who was hundreds of years, the two countries were at peace, through marriage with Pramesti Astradarma, daughter Jayabaya.

On a day to see a dream Pramesti Batara said Vishnu will be born into the world through her womb. When I woke up suddenly his stomach was pregnant. Astradarma angrily accused Pramesti had an affair. He even drove it home to his wife Mamenang.

Jayabaya angry at the state-terlunta Pramesti the lunta. He also condemned the country Yawastina drowned by a flood of mud. The curse is come true. Astradarma was killed along with the disappearance Yawastina palace.

After the death of her husband, Pramesti gave birth to a son named Anglingdarma. Baby's birth was the incarnation of Vishnu along with the death of the reach moksa Jayabaya. Mamenang throne and inherited by Jaya Amijaya, brother Pramesti.

First marriage

As an adult, his mother moved Anglingdarma brought to a country built, named Malawapati.There he ruled with the title of King Anglingdarma, or King Ajidarma.

Anglingdarma very fond of hunting. One day he was helping a girl named Lahi who chased the tiger. Setyawati then go home diantarkannya his father, a hermit named Resi Maniksutra. Not only that, also applied Anglingdarma Setyawati as his wife.

Setyawati brother named Batikmadrim has vowed to marry his younger brother, whoever wants to be able to defeat him. Then there was the match which was won by Anglingdarma. Since then, becomes empress Anglingdarma Setyawati Batikmadrim appointed while the grand vizier in the kingdom Malawapati.

One day while hunting, his teacher wife caught Anglingdarma named Nagagini was having an affair with a snake grasped. Anglingdarma male serpent was killed while in a state Nagagini home wounded.

Nagagini then make a false report to her husband, the Nagaraja to get revenge on Anglingdarma. Nagaraja had infiltrated the palace and witnessed Malawapati're talking about infidelity Anglingdarma to Setyawati Nagagini. Nagaraja was aware that his wife is wrong. He also appeared and apologized to Anglingdarma.

Nagaraja confessed to achieve moksa. He then left his power of science to Gineng Aji Anglingdarma. Science should be well guarded and secretive. After passing the science is too Nagaraja died.

Since inheriting the new science, to understand the language Anglingdarma animals. He never laughed at a pair of lizard conversation. It makes Setyawati offended. Frank Anglingdarma rejected because already promised to keep Gineng Aji, making Setyawati more angry.Setyawati chose suicide in the fire because he felt he was not appreciated anymore.Anglingdarma promised better accompany Setyawati die, instead of having to divulge their knowledge rahsia.

When the self-burning ceremony was held, had overheard the conversation Anglingdarma pair of goats. From the conversation Anglingdarma aware that his decision to die is accompanied Lahi emotional decisions detrimental masses. So, when Setyawati plunged into the flames, Anglingdarma not followed.


Anglingdarma which acts as lively as dead promises to make him have Lahi serving waste until a certain time limit as sin. Malawapati Kingdom was dititipkannya to Batikmadrim.

Along the way, Anglingdarma met three daughters named Widata, Widati, and Widaningsih. All three fell in love with Anglingdarma and held for not going. Anglingdarma by both suspicious because the three daughters the night like to go quietly.

Anglingdarma disguised as ravens to investigate the secret activities of the three daughters. It turned out that every third night partying eating human flesh. Anglingdarma also disagree with them about it. Finally, the third daughter of a curse to be white grouse.

White grouse flew up into the region Bojanagara Kingdom. There he kept a young man named Jake Geduk the village. At that time the king Darmawangsa Bojanagara'm confused about the court in which a woman called her husband found Bermani named Bermana numbered two people.

Under the direction of white grouse, Jake managed to break Geduk false Bermana back to its original form, ie Wiratsangka Jin. For its success it was, Jake was appointed as a judge Geduk state, while the white grouse Ambarawati demand as pets, daughter Darmawangsa.

Back to Malawapati

Have tangible Anglingdarma white grouse can be changed into human form at night only. Every night he met Ambarawati in human form. They eventually married without parental consent.Ambarawati of any marriage contains.

Darmawangsa surprised and confused to find her daughter has no husband. Coincidence that moment came a hermit named sage who claimed Yogiswara ready to find the father of the fetus is conceived Ambarawati.

Yogiswara then attacked the white grouse Ambarawati pet. After the fight exciting, white grouse Anglingdarma return to form, whereas Yogiswara into Batikmadrim. Batikmadrim arrival is to pick up Anglingdarma that his sentence is up.

Ambarawati bring Anglingdarma then moved to Malawapati. From the second marriage was born a son named Anglingkusuma, who replaced his grandfather as an adult became king in the Kingdom Bojanagara.
"The Duke of Brass" is the "Son" LURAGUNG
21.04 | Author: Yogi Yuwono
Trace the history of Kuningan District, especially cut of "The Duke of Brass" who was once a government leader in the Brass in the spread of Islam in Cirebon (West Java) and eventually surrounding it can be revealed that the name of the Duke of Brass which is actually SURANGGAJAYA. He was the son of Ki Gedeng LURAGUNG (a regional head in LURAGUNG) named JAYARAKSA. Jayaraksa also have a brother who led the BRATAWIYANA or Winduherang named BRATAWIJAYA (?) Which is also known as Ki Gedeng Kamuning or Kamuning Arya.

When Sunan Gunung Jati spread of Islam, among them until well into LURAGUNG, he followed his arrival by his wife LURAGUNG daughter named Tien Ong (Campa origin) which is also called Nyai Rara Sumanding. When it was his old pregnant wife, and at precisely LURAGUNG Nyai Rara Sumanding finally gave birth to a child. But unfortunately the new birth to a son who had died. To cure his heart is grieving, and Sunan Gunung Jati Ki ask the Gedeng LURAGUNG for his son who happened to pick up a baby for the child appointed by Sunan Gunung Jati. Child's name Suranggajaya.

In folklore Brass Other versions say that the smelly myth born by Nyai Rara Sumanding not the child, but a bowl made of metal Brass. Brass Bokor is what later became the mascot logo Brass City, in addition to Horse Brass. Also there is mention brass bowl as things "panukeur" or "tutukeuranna" among infants of Ki LURAGUNG Gedeng in exchange for brass bowl from Nyai Rara Sumanding. The stories of these myths are many colors in Kuningan search history.

After the trip LURAGUNG Sunan Gunung Jati Winduherang forwarded to the (once thought to be the center of the Kingdom government Brass / Kajene) to meet his brother who Jayaraksa ie Bratawiyana first seems to have converted to Islam. Meanwhile, holders of the reins of government in the Kingdom of Brass at the time was ruled by Queen Nyai Selawati (descendant of King Langlangbuana). Queen Selawati Hindus who had become believers in Islam after her marriage to Maulana Sheikh Arifin (son of Sheikh Maulana Akbar). Sheikh Maulana Akbar himself was a scholar of Persian origin who allegedly made it to the Brass and spread Islam there. Brass coming to that time would advance the permission of Sunan Gunung Jati Cirebon ruling Islamic kingdom which began to grow and spread Islam vigorously. Sheikh Maulana Akbar arrival spread Islam to the Brass is earlier than Sunan Gunung Jati. Maybe it can be said Sheikh Maulana Akbar as the pioneer of the spread of Islam to the Kuningan, while Sunan Gunung Jati further refine again. Arrival time of Maulana Sheikh Akbar spread Islam in Kuningan estimated start happening in 1450.

When Sunan Gunung Jati to the Winduherang, he left his adopted son is (Suranggajaya) for mothered by Bratawiyana (Arya Kamuning). Also Sunan Gunung Jati was told that the child will grow up eventually became the ruler Kuningan area. Care during this Kamuning Arya deposited even children were given a nickname Kamuning Raden, presumably closer to the psychological relationships (inner) between the father (foster care) with a son (foster care) it.

In Cirebon news sources (CPCN / Carita Purwaka CARUBAN Nagari) and book by PS Sulendraningrat even mentioned again that along with caring adoptive son of Sunan Gunung Jati, actually Bratawiyana (Arya Kamuning) also had children who were both raised (the same age as Suranggajaya) namely Ewangga. But on the other sources mentioned that the figures Dipati Ewangga is a nobleman who came from Parahyangan (Cianjur) is at first wanted to learn from / to learn the religion of Islam to Sunan Gunung Jati, then by Sunan Gunung Jati was ordered to go to the Brass only helps his adopted son (ie Suranggajaya ) in managing government in Kuningan. Which is true, the obvious existence of Ewangga Dipati diceriterakan their work as much of "commander" Brass soldiers who had helped Mataram Cirebon and when he attacked the Dutch in Batavia (so there is a settlement Kuningan in Jakarta).

As adults, the age of 17 years, finally the promise of Sunan Gunung Jati raised his son became ruler in Kuningan was done. Suranggajaya then appointed leader of Brass with its popular nickname of the Duke of Kuningan. Titimangsanya supposedly coincided with the date of 1 September 1478, commemorated as the birth day of Kuningan.

However, when viewed politically, actually since then is "Kingdom" Brass has fallen. No longer a royal sovereign or independent, but tied into the subordinate kingdom of Cirebon. That means if we see the existence of the Kingdom Brass way since the days of the early Hindu birth, called the Kingdom Brass (king: The Pandavas) - Kingdom Saunggalah (king: Demunawan / Rahangtang Nails / Seuweukarma) is a sovereign kingdom. Then by the Kingdom dibawahkan Galuh (king: Rhy Banga), then appeared again become the center of government by the son Rakeyan Darmasiksa, namely King Ragasuci / The Lumahing Park. Furthermore under control by the King of Sunda Padjadjaran Siliwangi. Then came the Kingdom Brass era Kajene called King Langlangbuana / Langlangbumi and passed on to Queen Selawati (small kingdoms under the influence of the Kingdom of Sunda Pajajaran), and finally when he ruled the Duke of Brass, the royal government fell under the influence of the Kingdom of Cirebon.
Legend story Sangkuriang
20.58 | Author: Yogi Yuwono

Sangkuriang is a legend that came from Tatar Sunda. The legend tells of the creation of the lake Bandung, Tangkuban Parahu, Mountain and Mount Hill Burangrang Tunggul.

From the legend, we can determine how long people live in the Sundanese highlands Bandung.From the legend that is supported by the facts of geology, it is estimated that the Sundanese people have been living in this land since thousands of years before Christ.

Legend of Sangkuriang originally an oral tradition. Reference written about this legend on Manik Bujangga manuscript written on palm leaves from the late 15th century or early 16th century AD. In naskha were written that Prince Prince aka Jaya Pakuan Bujangga Manik or Ameng Layaran visit sacred places of Hinduism in Java and the island of Bali in the late 15th century.

After a long journey, Bujangga Manik arrived at what is now the city of Bandung. He became an eyewitness who first wrote down the name of this place and its legends. His report is as follows:

Aing Leumpang ka baratkeun (I walked to the west)
came ka Patenggeng Hill (later came to Mount Patenggeng)
Sakakala The Kuriang (where the legend of the Kuriang)
Period deck nyitu Citarum River (Left to stem the Citarum)
Bird tembey kasiangan (but failed because of late)


Based on the legend, is told that King Sungging Perbangkara go hunting. In the middle of the forest the King threw urine deposited in caring leaves (taro forest). A female pig named Wayungyang the middle of an ascetic to become a man had to drink urine. Wayungyang pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby. Beautiful baby was taken to court by his father and named Dayang Sumbi Rarasati alias. Many of the kings who ask for her hand, but no one accepted. Finally, the king of warring among themselves. Dayang Sumbi permitaannya own any of exile in the hill accompanied by a male dog that is the Tumang. When he was busy weaving, toropong (piston) which was used to weave the cloth fell to the bottom. Dayang Sumbi feeling lazy, uttered the words without a second thought before, he promised to get anyone who had fallen when the piston-sex male, would become her husband. The piston and get Tumang given to Dayang Sumbi. Dayang Sumbi eventually gave birth to a baby boy named Sangkuriang.

When Sangkuriang hunting in the woods instructed to pursue the Tumang Wayungyang sow.Because the Tumang not think, and then killed. Heart of the Tumang by Sangkuriang given to Dayang Sumbi, then cooked and eaten. After Dayang Sumbi know that they eat is the heart of the Tumang, his anger was rising and immediately hit with Sangkuriang HEAD susuk made from coconut shell so that the wounds.

Sangkuriang go wandering around the world. After a long walk toward EAST finally arrived in the WEST again and unconsciously has arrived back in place Dayang Sumbi, where his mother was. Sangkuriang not know that the beautiful princess who was found Dayang Sumbi - his mother. Terjalinlah story of love between two beings that. Dayang Sumbi accidentally discovered that Sangkuriang is his son, with a wound in his head. However Sangkuriang still forced to marry her. Dayang Sumbi requested that Sangkuriang make boat and pond (lake) in a single night with Citarum river dam. Sangkuriang menyanggupinya.

Then the boat was made from a tree that grows in the east, stump / main tree turned into a mountain ukit Embankment. Stacked branches on the west and becoming Mount Burangrang.With the help of guriang, the dam was almost completed. But Dayang Sumbi beg to Sang Hyang Tunggal to mean Sangkuriang not materialize. Dayang Sumbi boeh rarang spread slices (white cloth weaving results), when it did dawn was breaking on the eastern horizon.Sangkuriang became upset, anger dipuncak, dams located in Trance Tikoro dijebolnya, cork tossed Citarum river basin to the east and became Mount Manglayang. Water Talaga Bandung became ebb back. Working with boats struggled kicked to the north and transformed into Tangkuban Perahu.

Sangkuriang Dayang Sumbi pursued a sudden disappeared in Gunung Putri and turned into a bunch of Unga jaksi. The Sangkuriang after arriving at a place called the Edge Berung finally disappeared into the spirit world (ngahiyang).

Conformity with the geological facts

Legend of Sangkuriang accordance with geological facts and the creation of the lake Bandung Tangkuban Parahu. [1]

Recent geological studies indicate that the remnants of an ancient lake was 125 thousand years old. The lake dried up 16,000 years ago.

Have been two ancient Sunda eruption type Plinian eruption 105,000 each and 55000-50000 years ago. Second Plinian eruption had broken the ancient caldera of Mount Sunda thereby creating Tangkuban Parahu, Mount Burangrang (also known as Mount Sunda), and Mount Hill Tunggul.

It is very possible that people have occupied the ancient Sundanese highlands Bandung and watched the second Plinian eruption that swept the settlement west of the river Citarum (north and northwest Mumbai) during the period of eruption at 55000-50000 years ago when Parahu Tangkuban created from the remnants Sundanese ancient mountain. This period is a time homo sapiens; they have been identified living in southern Australia at 62,000 years ago, during the Java Man (Wajak) about 50,000 years ago.

Sangkuriang and Philosophy Sunda

According to Surya or ang ang Suryalaga Hidayat, former Rector of Bandung Itenas, legends or sasakala Sangkuriang intended as light illumination (Sungging Perbangkara) for any human (cariang plants) are still doubtful of the existence of himself and wanted to find identity of humanity (Wayungyang). The results of this search will give birth to your heart (conscience) as the real truth (Dayang Sumbi, Rarasati). But if not accompanied with caution and full awareness / eling (binoculars), then he will be ruled and by a sense of indecision digagahi a constant (digagahi the Tumang) which will bear egos are selfish, that is not yet enlightened soul (Sangkuriang ). When The Conscience beaten again by kewaswasan (Dayang Sumbi Tumang eat the liver) then lose consciousness essential. Experienced a sense of regret that the Conscience acted with arrogance hit ratio of the ego (head Sangkuriang beaten). Arrogance also affecting "The Ego Ratio" to stay away and leave the conscience. The arrogance of ego turns out that fatigue ratio-weary seeking knowledge (intellectual intelligence) during the wanderings in the world (heading east). On returning to the west ahirnya that consciously or unconsciously always be sought and that he missed the Conscience (Sangkuriang meeting with Dayang Sumbi).

However the union was between the Ego Ratio (Sangkuriang) by the enlightened conscience (Dayang Sumbi), not as easy as expected. Armed with that knowledge already mastered the Ego Ratio (Sangkuriang) should be able to create a social life based on love, interdependency - compassion-teaser reparation and penance humanist foster harmony, which is a pool of social life (making Talaga Bandung) who inhabited the various collection people with a wide range of temper (Citarum). Meanwhile, the integrity of his identity must be formed also by the ratio of the ego itself (making the boat). The existence of Ego ratio that was not separated from the history itself, have become the main origin (Hill Tunggul, sajaratun tree) since the beginning of existence (east, where the initial rise of life). The Ego ratio must also indicate the existence of himself (tutunggul, penada himself) and eventually she will have offspring that manifest in a society that will datangd and a time to swallow it all ends of a pile of bones (mountain Burangrang).

What a pathetic, if it hopes for the unification of the ego with the ratio of the enlightened conscience (almost happened with Dayang Sangkuriang marriage Sumbi), failed because the trigger point of attending the final, end of life contained in the body (boeh rarang or shroud).Finally twist of fate that had befallen the ego ratio was feeling sorry and a very, very angry with "him". Then he kicked her selfishness ratio, be a transcendental human pile face down lamenting her misfortune (Mount Tangkubanparahu).

However because of the ego ratio still felt curious, kept the conscience pursued the enlightened desire itself (Dayang Sumbi), hoping to yield unity between the ego with the ratio of Conscience.But it was the enlightened conscience appeared only witness to the behavior that never happened and experienced the Ego Ratio (Jaksi interest).

End of the story when the end comes awareness presumption ratio (Ujungberung). With the same awareness, and threw the cork removed arrogance dominance ratio (mountain Manglayang). So now it opens channels of polite communication process with anyone (Trance Tikoro or throat; B. Sunda: Hade fried my way my way). And closely guarded food right into his mouth to keep it clean lawful and beneficial. (Trance Tikoro = esophagus, genggerong).